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GCSE Philosophy & Ethics

Do you love debating?

Do you enjoy arguing your point of view?

Do you have lots of questions about what is right and wrong?

Do you like to see controversial topics from different perspectives?

Do you wonder if God exists?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the course for you!

GCS Philosophy & Ethics (RS) is a course which has grown in numbers over the years and one in which the pupils have had huge successes. The aim of the course is to explain and critically assess different religious views on topical, moral, ethical and philosophical issues. It will make you question everything you thought was right and call into question your personal ethics and morals. The great thing about philosophy is that there is no right way to think so it is all about sharing perspectives and learning how to argue effectively and critically.

Studying Philosophy & Ethics enables you to develop the following skills…

To be able to reason, think logically, decode, solve problems, analyse, communicate effectively, debate and to be open minded.

Careers in government, politics, law, training human resources, advertising, marketing and journalism are all possible career options that follow from studying philosophy & Ethics.


What the students say...

"Philosophy helps to think logically, clearly and teaches us how to be more open minded towards other opinions. It's definitely one of the most interesting subjects as there is never only one thought or opinion on a topic." Year 11 student

"Philosophy and Ethics is a great subject to choose as a GCSE as you are taught to think about things from other perspective and point of view which opens your mind to many interpretations of a specific subject or topic." Year 11 student

"Philosophy and ethics is a great subject to understand the world around you and to talk about your views and opinions." Year 11 student

"‘In Philosophy and ethics you’re opinions get to be heard but also it helps you understand other viewpoints from different and interesting case studies"

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