Coastal Academy Trust

Dress Code

  1. Footwear – must be appropriate and relevant to the activity/subject the student is undertaking, including meeting any health and safety requirements. 
  2. Trousers – Students should wear smart-casual or tailored trousers which can be any colour. However, trousers need to be of an appropriate style with no rips or stonewashed denim. 
  3. Shorts– In warmer months students may decide to wear shorts. The expectation of these follows the same expectation for trousers i.e. tailored/smart; however they must be of an appropriate length and again, no rips or stonewashed denim.
  4. Skirts/Dresses – These follow the same expectations for shorts and trousers. The skirts are expected to be of an appropriate length.
  5. Vest Tops – In warmer months students may wish to wear vest tops, the straps of which must be sufficiently thick to cover any underlying straps and with an appropriate neck line to avoid embarrassment. 
  6. Tops – Students may wear any top they wish, however it must be of a full length and not bear any inappropriate or offensive language.
  7. Jackets – Hoodies are not to be worn. Students can wear zipped jackets that are of a formal style, with no rips or inappropriate/offensive language. 


Due to the constant changes in fashion that take place, it has to remain the right of senior members of staff and the Head of Sixth form to determine that a particular item of dress is not appropriate for school.  Students who turn up to school inappropriately dressed may be asked to go home and change.

We are, of course, aiming to prepare our students for the work place and we are very proud of our 6th Form students.  We are a mixed community; younger students look up to the senior members of their school and will follow their example.