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IB English Language & Literature

Recognising the covert messages in the world around us.

William Shakespeare: 10 things you didn't know about the Bard

Course Overview

This course is designed to strengthen and expand a student’s academic curiosity. Prompting them to ask; why media outlets report the news in a particular way, how the context of a piece affects its meaning and how to interpret texts from around the world critically. Encompassing everything from Twitter to the Telegraph, Marjane Satripi's graphic novel 'Persepolis, Language' and Literature (A) provides the ideal springboard to further academic study and creates inquisitive and informed learners.

Three key areas of exploration:

  • Readers, writers, texts
  •  Time and Space
  •  Intertextuality

Units covered may include:  

  • Identity - who are we? How is identity established both in linguistic and literary form?

  • Fairytales - How does meaning change over time? How do texts relate to each other? How is meaning constructed?

The Course Guide:

“The study of texts produced in a language is central to an active engagement with language and culture and, by extension, to how we see and understand the world in which we live. A key aim of language A: language and literature course is to encourage students to question the meaning generated by language and texts, which, can be argued, is rarely straightforward and unambiguous.”

Where could this subject take me?

Journalism    Teaching    Advertising     Marketing     Public Relations     Media Analyst      Editor

Entry requirements:

Grade 5 or equivalent in GSCE English Language or GCSE English Literature in addition to general sixth form entry requirement.

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