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IB Global Politics

Why study Global Politics? 

According to the IB, there are four reasons to study Global Politics:

1. To understand key political concepts and contemporary political issues in a range of contexts.

2. To develop an understanding of the local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity.

3. To understand, appreciate and critically engage with a variety of perspectives and approaches in global politics.

4. To appreciate the complex and interconnected nature of many political issues, and develop the capacity to interpret competing and contestable claims regarding those issues.

Units studied

Power, Sovereignty and International Relations. 

Human Rights 

Peace and Conflict 



Paper 1 - 1hr 15min 30% 

Stimulus based paper based on a topic from one of the four core units. 

Four compulsory short-answer questions (20 marks)

Paper 2 - 1hr 45mins 45% 

Extended response paper based on the four core units 

Students must write two essay from a choice of 8, each selected from a core unit. (50 marks)

Internal Assessment:

This is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IB at the end of the course (end of Year 13) 

Engagement Activity: A written report (2000 words maximum) on a political issue explored through engagement and research. (20 marks)


Destination information

With Global Politics as a subject during 6th form, students will be equipped to engage in a variety of discussions with logical, reflective techniques, along with report writing and an ability to analyse information. 

This subject lends itself to many university degrees, such as Politics, International Relations, History, Geography and many more.


Career Opportunities


Politician Assistant 

Member of Parliament 

Detective work, police force. 

Public Affairs, Foreign Office 

Government Researcher 

Civil Servant 

Marketing Executive 

Local Government Officer