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IB Ab Initio Spanish

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

Course Outline

Learning another language is a key part of becoming a world citizen, not only in terms of learning the foreign language, but also to learn about other cultures and people. Having a global understanding and appreciation of others, is a key element of the IB vision. 

This course is for those of you wanting to further your knowledge of the Spanish Language and Hispanic cultures. The objective of the course is to be able to communicate with confidence and competence in Spanish in a wide variety of everyday situations. To achieve this, all four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing, will be regularly practised.

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Why Study Spanish? 

Languages are an invaluable skill to have, whatever your chosen career path might be. 

Language graduates go on to work in education, business, journalism, international aid, sales, tourism, marketing.... the list is endless!

A qualification in another language means you can earn anywhere between 8 and 20% more than their peers who speak only one language!


The course is split into five themes:

  • Identities

  • Experiences

  • Human Ingenuity

  • Social Organisation

  • Sharing the Planet

Within each unit, a variety of everyday topics are studied in detail including vocabulary, grammar and culture. Each topic is assessed in all four assessments.




Oral Exam (25%)


Paper 1: Writing (25%)

Paper 2: Listening (25%) and reading (25%)


Entry requirements:

Grade 4 (or above) in GCSE Spanish in addition to general sixth form entry requirements.


For further information please contact Miss Smith:


“If you have a foreign language, that is a powerful tool to get a job… you are so much more employable, you can be part of international business” (Barack Obama)