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IB Social and Cultural Anthropology

Course Outline


Anthropology is the study of humans.  Social and Cultural Anthropology focusses on small groups within society in order understand the ways in which humans are distinctive and as well as what they share.

As well as developing an understanding of the anthropological method, you will study three Areas of Enquiry at Standard Level, or four if you choose Higher Level.  These are:

  • The Body - focusing on plastic surgery in Brazil  
  • Conflict - focusing on crack dealers in Harlem, New York.  

  • Movement, Time and Space focusing call centre workers in India.  

  • Belonging, focusing on women rejecting traditional roles in New Guinea.

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Social & Cultural Anthropology Learning Journey

Why study?

Anthropology is a fascinating study of humans in a variety of different cultures and circumstances.  Anthropologists seek out unusual locations or groups of people in unusual circumstances.  Through anthropology we can learn about ourselves as well as others.  Anthropology is useful and sought after within a number of career areas.  For example:

Community development worker

Local government officer

Equality and diversity officer

Museum/gallery curator

Social Worker

Banking and finance

Film and media




There are three parts to th assessment:

Internal Assessment (20%) 

You get to experience first hand what it is to undertake anthropological fieldwork and the challenges of ‘doing’ anthropology.  

Paper 1 (40%)

You will apply your knowledge of anthropology to an unseen text, and formulate answers to the big anthropological questions.  

Paper 2 (40%)

You will utilise your knowledge and understanding of the three areas of enquiry to answer in essay style questions.


Entry Requirements 

A good level of literacy and grade 4 or higher in humanities subjects would be a good indication abilitiy in anthropology.


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