Coastal Academy Trust

The House System

At King Ethelbert School we have three houses; Eagles, Hawks and Falcons. Each student and staff member is assigned to a house, with students identified as members through their tie. Eagles wear ties with a red stripe, Hawks wear ties with a yellow stripe and Falcons wear ties with a green stripe. 

Being a member of a house at King Ethelbert School means contributing to school life as a part of a team, and belonging to a micro-community within our larger school community. House assemblies are held fortnightly, and are led by house leaders. Students are given opportunities to undertake leadership roles within their house, such as house captains, sports captains and well-being ambassadors which require engagement in regular house meetings.

There are a number of house competitions throughout the year, where participation is encouraged and rewarded. Each department within the school promotes their subject through house competition (eg. Sports, Maths), and at the end of the school year the house accumulating the greatest number of points wins the house trophy.

However, the house system is more than just healthy competition. Students are also encouraged to contribute through work within both the school and wider community. Each house will lead upon a community-centric activity during the year and in the final term, participate in an entire week of community-focused activities. Each house will also be actively involved with the planning and facilitating of charity work, with this year's focus being "Children in Need".  

We feel strongly that taking an active part within a house team broadens and enriches a student's experience of school life, and enhances their chances of being happy, confident and successful.