Coastal Academy Trust

Pupil Services Centre



Our Pupil Services Centre provides a base where students can find answers to most of their day to day questions about life in school. It is staffed throughout the day by Mrs C Keam, our Pupil Services manager. 

The following services are provided by this centre:


If your son/daughter is going to be absent, please ring the direct line 01843 836366 and leave a message. Absence messages can also be sent in via the school app, MyEd. Students needing to sign out during the course of the day or arriving late should also go to Pupil Services for the necessary documentation. Parents/carers with queries about attendance should contact Pupil Services in the first instance. 

School Organisation:

From time to time, students may need information on bus passes, copies of their timetable, etc. These can be obtained from Pupil Services.

Student Welfare:

Pupil Services also house the First Aid facilities. School procedures require that parents of any students who need medication throughout the day should deposit it with Mrs Keam, who will store it securely and administer as required. Students should not carry medicines around school with them unless parents/carers have given permission and completed the relevant paperwork.

Any students taken ill during the day will be taken to Pupil Services and parents will be contacted. It is vital that we have up-to-date contact numbers for all parents/carers. Please do not arrange to collect your child should they contact you directly.

Other Services:

  • The school counsellor is available on a regular basis; appointments are arranged by Mrs Keam. 

  • Mrs Keam is available throughout the day if parents require help or guidance on any aspect (home or school) concerning students which may affect their schooling. 

  • Lost property.