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The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme Core

Career-related Programme (CP) - International Baccalaureate®International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme | Prem Tinsulanonda  International School Thailand

Personal and Professional Skills 

Aims to develop students attitudes,skills and strategies to apply in personal and professional contexts. The course emphasises skills for the workplace and develops students’ ability to think, research,and reflect on their learning. 

The course follows Learning Outcomes which explore Personal Development, Intercultural Understanding, Effective Communication, Thinking Processes and Applied Ethics as enquiry-based learning. The skills taught are transferrable to the higher education or workplace setting and are explored through a series of global contexts. This provides students with an opportunity to make links to their career related studies and understand how global issues can impact on their futures. 

Students will complete a folder of evidence that shows their learning, development and reflection throughout the course.

Service Learning

Within this programme students will also complete 50 hours of Service Learning. This is a project designed by the students that addresses the needs of a particular part of the community. It builds on students’ understanding of the wider world and encourages them to take on new roles such as leadership, planning and working with people outside the school environment. Service Learning is student led and identifies a need within the community that can then be addressed by the students.

Reflective Project

Many students look back on their time in KES sixth form and are so grateful for the vast range of experiences within CORE. Whilst completing the reflective project can at first be seen as a daunting task, students relish the opportunity to truly delve into a topic that not only relates to their chosen career path but allows them the time to understand relevant issues on a new level whilst developing skills essential for successful dissertations in the future. This project carries UCAS points and is highly valued by universities.

Language Development

'I have loved exploring Italian as part of our CORE IB: it's full of fun, food and is a flexible approach that I never would've expected to enjoy' Sophie Dignam

This is designed to give you the confidence to not let language be a barrier in your future career and is a culture-based rather than vocabulary-based approach to exploring a new language.

Assessment of the CORE elements of the IBCP is through contributions throughout the two years; there is no written exam and students are not assessed on their language. Students are required to pass CORE in order to achieve the full IBCP qualification at the end of the Year 13. Currently we are offering Japanese and Modern Greek from September 2020, starting with Year 12.