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BTEC Travel & Tourism

Level 3 BTEC Travel & Tourism Diploma/ Extended Diploma 

Mrs Edwards & Mr Fry


Key information:

  • Equivalent to 2/3 A levels

  • 8 or 13 units 

  • Internal coursework units

  • External Assessment (Unit 1 and 2)


New BTEC course for 2022!! Following the success of Level 2 Travel & Tourism, King Ethelbert School are introducing the opportunity for our sixth form students to study this subject further.

Level 3 Travel & Tourism provides students with an in depth knowledge of the Travel & Tourism industry as well as developing a range of transferable skills (independence, communication, perseverance & self-confidence). The course also covers a range of different sectors including business, management, marketing, hospitality and leisure. Completion of this vocational programme of study will enable students to successfully transition to the next stage of their education or the world of work.

Students will study a range of topics such as the travel & tourism industry, types of destinations, marketing, customer service, enterprise and entrepreneurship, recruitment and selection, working experience and specialist tourism. This course gives a solid foundation of knowledge that students can apply to a range of different disciplines at University, College or Higher Level/Degree Apprenticeships.  Examples of degree courses include: UK or International Tourism Management, Hospitality, Leisure Studies, Business Management, Marketing, Geography and Tourism, Environmental Management.


Diploma and Extended Diploma Course Outline

Diploma (720 GLH - Guided Learning Hours)                                                                                               

  • Equivalent to 2 A Levels 
  • 8 units

  • 6 mandatory units (2 external)

  • 2 optional units

  • supports progression to Higher Education and Employment 

Extended Diploma (1080 GLH)

  • Equivalent to 3 A Levels

  • 13 units

  • 8 mandatory units (2 external)

  • 5 optional units

  • supports progression to Higher Education and Employment 

Why Study Travel & Tourism?


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