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IB Film Studies

The course is taught over two years (12 and 13). There are three points of assessment that are covered; a textual analysis essay, production portfolio and a comparative study multi-media presentation. These assessments are prepared for through textual and historical analysis of films and film industry, macro/micro analysis of films and the study of film theories and audience theories. You will be expected to not only make several short films, but also discuss and write analytically about films and industry.


Units/Topics Covered

•    Understand how meaning is constructed in film through textual analysis. 

•    Develop knowledge of the relationship between film elements and context.

•    Learn production processes and use of appropriate technologies.

•    Develop aesthetic awareness when studying a range of films. 

•    Work independently and as a team member. 

•    Evaluate your own production exercises and the work of others.


Textual Analysis 30% Comparative Study 30% Film Portfolio 40%

Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of how meaning is constructed in film. They do this through a written analysis of a prescribed film text, based on a chosen extract (lasting no more than five minutes) from that film. Students consider the cultural context of the film and a variety of film elements.

Students carry out research in a chosen area of film focus, identifying and comparing two films from within that area and presenting their discoveries as a recorded multimedia comparative study.

Students undertake a variety of film-making exercises in three film production roles, led by clearly defined filmmaker intentions. They acquire and develop practical skills and techniques through participation in film exercises, experiments and the creation of at least one completed film.


Where could this subject take me?

  • Producer

  • Editor

  • Cinematographer

  • FRTV

  • Director

  • Script writer

  • Colourist

  • Floor manager

  • Sound editor

  • Sound recording

  • Media and cultural