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GCSE English

GCSE English Language

In the GCSE English Language course, students will develop skills essential to success in English and beyond. They will read a range of texts, covering both fiction and non-fiction, and spanning 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, so there’s something to suit everyone’s interests. They will learn how to analyse and comment on writers’ choices and reader reactions, and how to select relevant information to support their opinions.

Students will also develop skills in writing both fiction and non-fiction - they will explore the conventions of articles, reports, reviews, letters, leaflets, guides, speeches, and will learn to use these conventions. They will also learn to adapt their writing for a range of audiences and purposes. In addition to this, students will get the opportunity to hone their creative writing skills as they write short stories that firmly engage their readers’ interests.

GCSE English Literature

In their study of GCSE English Literature, students will study a range of literary texts, including a Victorian novel, a modern novel or play, an anthology of poetry, a Shakespeare play, as well as a range of unseen poetry. They will develop skills in analysis and interpretation, and will learn to express their interpretations articulately. They will also explore the contexts within which the texts were written and will consider how and why a writer came to write each text, and how an audience may have responded.