Coastal Academy Trust

GCSE Dance

Why choose Dance?


This GCSE is for both girls and boys who have an interest in dancing, choreographing and watching professional dance works. With a variety of performance and creative opportunities, it is a course that appeals to many, whether they have had previous dance experience or not.


What will I be learning?

How to perform, choreograph and analyse dance!

  • Performance: Learning and improving technical, physical and expressive dance skills
  • Choreography: Learning how to create dances
  • Appreciation: Detailed investigation and analysis of 6 professional dances works


It is expected that pupils will be suitably dressed in dance uniform (black leggings/bottoms and KES Dance top) in order to take part in practical work. There will be opportunities throughout the course to attend professional dance group performances. Costs incurred will include travel and entrance fees.


What skills will I develop?

  • An appreciation of a range of dance styles and dance works.

  • Performance and choreographic skills.

  • Creativity and expression through dance.

  • Life skills and attributes including decision making, critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, problem solving and the ability to work with others.

Further to these skills, this course develops personal confidence and a true ability to interact and engage with interesting and challenging material. It allows pupils opportunities to experiment with choreographic methods and develop the ability to analyse professional dance works; considering costumes, set design and musical choices to a high level.

With the development of such a variety of transferable skills this course can lead to variety of L3/career paths, especially as it supports pupils in becoming confident, practical and creative thinkers!


How is this course assessed?


40% Written Paper - 1 hour 30 minutes examination

Controlled Assessment:

30% Performance – of x2 Set Phrases and a Performance Trio.

30% Group Choreography - pupils compose a group dance in response to a chosen idea.