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BTEC Health & Social Care

Development, Health and Wellbeing

Health and Social Care gives students a formal understanding of development, health and development, and the importance of the services that support all of us to achieve the best of all three.

About the course

Over the course of the two years you will build on your own experience and knowledge gained in other subject areas to gain a detailed understanding of how humans develop from birth through the various life stages. You will understand the various factors that affect individual development. You will know how to measure health and wellbeing and develop the skills to create personal improvement plans.

Component 1 - Human Lifespan Development

Most humans follow similar patterns of growth and development. However, we are all individual and there are a range of factors that affect each of us on our journey through life. In this component you will develop a thorough understanding of the key developments expected in each life stage, and the various factors and life events that affect that development, positively and negatively. This internally assessed component is worth 30% of the overall grade, involves a supervised response to questions and application of knowledge to case studies.

Component 2 - Services and Values

Even the healthiest individuals need to use health and social care services at some points in their lives. In this Component you will gain sound knowledge of how services meet individual needs. You will also learn about the values needed to work in the health and social care sector. This internally assessed component, worth 30% of the overall grade, requires you to select and evaluate services that can meet the needs of two selected individuals, as well explain how professionals demonstrate skills, attributes and care values within their practice.

Component 3 - Health and Wellbeing

In this Component, you will explore the range of factors that can affect our health and wellbeing, and the ways in which we can measure and judge our health and wellbeing. You will become skilled in assessing what individuals need to improve health and wellbeing and suggest appropriate actions they could take, taking into account their personal circumstances and identifying sources of support . This externally assessed component is worth 40% of the overall grade.


Further Information and Links

This course is a BTEC Tech Award, the equivalent of one GCSE at Level 2. It is delivered by Miss Love. The lessons take a variety of forms and allow you to develop a host of skills and attributes including independent learning, communication, research, evaluation, teamwork empathy and understanding.

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