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GCSE History

History is one of our most popular GCSE subjects at King Ethelbert which covers a variety of fascinating topics ranging from the medieval, renaissance and 20th century time periods covering extraordinary events which have shaped the world we live in.

Most of the topics which are studied at GCSE are covered in some way in the curriculum at key stage 3 and so although there is a lot to learn you will have been provided a good basis for this knowledge in year 7, 8 and 9 so if you have enjoyed history thus far we are confident you will continue to do so.


Here is what the students say...

" I have found history a very interesting and a rewarding subject and if had to pick my GCSEs again I would pick history again without a doubt." Year 11 student

"In History you get to explore what life was like in many different time periods. Health and the people was my favourite topic because I enjoyed learning about how everything changed in each section time frame" Year 11 student

"History is a lot to learn but every single part of it is interesting" Year 11 student

"History is a vital subject that if you take, will not only be fun with trips, but also allows you to see how over time ideas and how we view the world has adapted and changed. You learn all of this with a very supportive staff team backing you until the end" Year 11 student

If you have any specific questions about the GCSE course you can email any of the history staff and they will be happy to answer your enquiries...


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