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Cambridge National in IT

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  • The demand for IT skills is continually growing in an ever changing digital world.

  • Develop your IT capability skills to handle the new jobs of the future.

  • As an ever emerging field, IT jobs generally pay well and provide opportunities that contribute to a satisfying career.

Course Details

The OCR Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National in IT is aimed at students aged 14-16 years and will develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills that would be used in the IT sector.

This qualification is suitable for learners who want to progress onto other related study, such as IBCP, IT apprenticeships, Cambridge IT and Media Technicals & Digital T Levels.

The Certificate consists of 3 mandatory units (120GLH), details below. 


Assessment Criteria

R050: IT in the digital world

This is assessed by taking an exam. In this unit you will learn about design and testing concepts for creating an IT solution or product, and the uses of IT in the digital world. Topics include: Design Tools; Human Computer Interface (HCI) in everyday life; Data and testing of Cyber-security and legislation; Digital Communications o Internet of Everything (IoE)

R060: Data manipulation using spreadsheets

This is assessed by completing a set assignment. In this unit you will learn how to plan, design, create, test and evaluate a data manipulation spreadsheet solution to meet client’s requirements. You will be able to evaluate your solution based on the user requirements. Topics include: Planning and designing the spreadsheet solution; Creating the spreadsheet solution; Testing the spreadsheet solution; Evaluating the spreadsheet solution.

R070: Using augmented reality to present information

This is assessed by completing a set assignment. In this unit you will learn how to design, create, test and review an Augmented Reality model prototype to meet a client’s requirements. Topics include: Augmented Reality (AR); Designing an Augmented Reality (AR) model prototype; Creating an Augmented Reality (AR) model prototype; Testing and reviewing.


Skills Developed

This qualification also allows students the opportunity to gain broad, transferable skills and experiences that can be applied as they progress into their next stages of study and life and to enhance their preparation for future employment.