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Welcome to BTEC Travel & Tourism!

Mrs Edwards and her team look forward to working with you in the Travel & Tourism Department!!

About the course

The BTEC Travel & Tourism Tech Award has been designed to provide an exciting and interesting introduction into the dynamic travel & tourism industry. Students will explore products and services offered by different travel & tourism organisations, investigate the features of popular destinations, how market research is used to identify trends and meet customer needs, as well as the factors that influence global travel & tourism.

This course has three core components. Two components are assessed internally through the use of controlled assessment, where learners complete realistic tasks and activities to show their knowledge and understanding, as well as reflective practice. Component 3, which is assessed externally, equips students with real life skills for sixth form/college or apprenticeships.

The BTEC Travel & Tourism Tech Award also prepares learners to enter the workplace in due course, in either the business or travel & tourism sector, in areas such as cabin crew, sales, hospitality, event management, customer service, administration, marketing, human resources.

Component 1 - Travel & Tourism Organisations and Destinations

In Component 1, students will investigate Travel & Tourism organisations in the UK, their aims, key products and services and how they work together. Students will explore the role of technology and understand different types of tourism, types of visitors and the features and routes to popular tourist destinations.

Component 2 - Customer Needs in Travel & Tourism

In Component 2, students will learn how organisations use market research to identify travel & tourism trends, customer needs and preferences. Students will explore how specific needs are met by organisations and therefore plan for travel effectively.

Component 3 - Influences on Global Travel & Tourism

In Component 3, students will explore different factors that may influence global travel & tourism, and how organisations and destinations respond to these factors. This will include the potential impacts of tourism at global destinations and how organisations can manage and control tourism development to achieve sustainable tourism.

Further information and links

Taught by Mrs Edwards (Head of Dept), Ms Laite and Mrs Britnell, the T&T team brings a huge amount of experience and expertise to the classroom.

Students develop knowledge and understanding by applying their learning and skills in a work-related context and this course engages students to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop skills that are essential for the modern-day workplace.

There are a number of trips organised to develop student’s experiences of travel and tourism within the UK. For example, a day trip to London, Thorpe Park, etc.

Finally, this course will give learners the opportunity to improve interpersonal communication skills and independent learning techniques of value to many potential employers or further education establishments, be this in travel & tourism or other career choices in the future.

Please see the link below for further information on the BTEC Travel and Tourism course: