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Travel & Tourism


In Travel & Tourism, we aim to prepare our students as globally minded, ambitious citizens who will make a positive difference to our world.  We believe in preparing young people for their next steps in education or employment through mastering and developing a broad range of employability skills and learning behaviours.  These are practised and embedded across the T&T curriculum and incorporate wider opportunities to prepare our students for a career in their chosen vocation.

Globally Diverse Ambitious for the Future Inquisitive Learners

KES T&T students...

  • Are principled, ethical and are both domestically and globally minded.

  • Are aware of current affairs and understand UK and international T&T environments.

  • Are open-minded and appreciate feedback both positive and negative.

  • Take pride in themselves, constantly exhibit a culture and mind-set of success and achievement for all.

KES T&T students...

  • Are literate, numerate and digitally literate.

  • Enjoy challenges without being afraid to make mistakes. They are willing to work on new concepts without guidance.

  • Are good at working in teams and communicating. This applies to group work and collaborative presentations.

  • We will be able to communicate well with both internal and external stakeholders, in particular external professional organisations.

  • Take opportunities to engage in work related learning and extracurricular opportunities.

  • Able to link theoretical learning in the T&T environment to practical/vocational scenarios.

  • Striving to achieve and excel in our own goals for the future.

KES T&T students...

  • Take opportunities to learn and participate outside of lessons.

  • Have high aspirations and are exposed to aim for career opportunities at the top level.

  • Constantly develop their T&T specific vocabulary and often work out what new words mean.

  • Develop skills and knowledge outside the classroom by running internal projects and engaging in external events and competitions.

  • Take pride in their work and respond well to feedback in order to always achieve their full potential.

  • Apply the ethos of success/ achievement and marginal gains to every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

  • To ask questions and to seek answers independently.


Travel and Tourism KES Learning Journey

Travel & Tourism Learning Journey

Key Stage 4

In key stage 4 we offer students the BTEC L2 Tech Award in Travel and Tourism. 'Real Life' examples are used throughout the course through internet research, links with external businesses and speakers (e.g. Tui) as well as through our detailed teaching presentations. Teachers actively draw on and share from their own experiences from the travel & tourism industry which strengthens students’ understanding. Students develop their learner profile skills, responding positively to feedback, building resilience and independent study skills through the vocational nature of the course. Opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom encourages interest and passion for the subject. This includes trips to London, Thorpe Park and to local travel agents. High aspirations ensure students are confident in their ability and what they can achieve.

Students develop their communication skills both independently and as a team through contributions to class discussion, group work and practical activities. They are encouraged out of their comfort zone to speak, discuss, present information and express their own views and opinions.  A range of coursework requirements are taught to develop numeracy, literacy and digital skills. Application to the workplace and career opportunities in the business or travel & tourism industry are regularly addressed in lessons. This ensures students are aware of the next steps for them. External speakers give real examples of what it is like to work in the travel industry. Students are involved in vocational work related learning, for example, planning and booking holidays in the UK or abroad. 

Curriculum content taught will link in relevant current issues or articles where appropriate, for example, the impact of COVID on the travel & tourism industry. We identify parts of the curriculum that students are likely to engage in and build on this. Our students develop open mindedness and confidence in their work through regular assessment and feedback. Students understand and can identify how different people have different needs and requirements. For example, looking at different destinations, attractions or types of accommodation for different customer types students can select correctly and explain why they have made these choices.


Key Stage 5

New BTEC course for 2022!! Following the success of Level 2 Travel & Tourism, King Ethelbert School has introduced the opportunity for our sixth form students to study this subject further as part of the IBCP.

Level 3 Travel & Tourism provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the Travel & Tourism industry as well as developing a range of transferable skills (independence, communication, perseverance & self-confidence). The course also covers a range of different sectors including business, management, marketing, hospitality and leisure. Completion of this vocational programme of study will enable students to successfully transition to the next stage of their education or the world of work.

Students will study a range of topics such as the travel & tourism industry, types of destinations, marketing, customer service, enterprise and entrepreneurship, recruitment and selection, work experience and specialist tourism. This course gives a solid foundation of knowledge that students can apply to a range of different disciplines at University, College or Higher Level/Degree Apprenticeships.  Examples of degree courses include: UK or International Tourism Management, Hospitality, Leisure Studies, Business Management, Marketing, Geography and Tourism, Environmental Management.

Diploma and Extended Diploma Course Outline

Diploma (720 GLH - Guided Learning Hours)                                                                                                     

  • Equivalent to 2 A Levels

  • 8 units

  • 6 mandatory units (2 external)

  • 2 optional units

  • supports progression to Higher Education and Employment

Extended Diploma (1080 GLH)

  • Equivalent to 3 A Levels

  • 13 units

  • 8 mandatory units (2 external)

  • 5 optional units

  • supports progression to Higher Education and Employment