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GCSE Citizenship

AQA GCSE Citizenship

Are you interested in politics?

Do you agree with how the country is run?

Do you think we have a fair prison and justice service?

Do you think that racism and sexism still exist in society?

Do you wish you could be in the house of commons arguing with the Prime Minister?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions then this is the GCSE option for you. It is a popular and hugely successful GCSE at King Ethelbert and one in which many pupils have achieved the highest GCSE grades.

The active campaign project allows pupils to meet / interview and interact with varying members of society including journalists, politicians and activists and has proven to be a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable aspect to the GCSE. The controlled Assessment requires students to become active and responsible members of their community on a local or national level. It encourages students to become involved in direct political action and students gain a greater understanding of democracy and how the UK system works. Previous projects have included:

An anti-homophobia campaign, A no more page 3 campaign and Opposing police cuts in Kent.

We also make sure that where possible all students get a visit and tour of parliament itself and they even get to watch the debates from the gallery in the house of commons. Along with these exciting and enriching activities pupils also study...

What the students say...

"I take citizenship and it is the lesson I look forward to most every week! " Year 11 student

"I think Citizenship is a good GCSE to take as it is very interesting and I learned many facts about different things about the world and country we live in" Year 11 Student

"GCSE citizenship is a good subject to take as you can learn so much about politics/ your rights as a human and more about your country ! I like it because I find it interesting to learn about my rights as a human being and to learn what makes us British and to be proud of that" Year 11 student

"Citizenship gives you an insight into the real running of our country and it broadens your knowledge on who you are as a person and what you are entitled to as a human. You get a chance to look at interesting case studies to do with politics, law, and justice and if you enjoy getting into open debates and arguing your viewpoint citizenship is perfect for you ! " Year 11 student

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