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Remote Learning

Remote learning

In light of the removal of national guidance around self-isolation and Covid restrictions (March 2022), any previous Remote Learning plans are no longer in place. King Ethelbert School remain committed to ensuring remote learning is effective and meets the needs of all students. New guidance for schools states:  “maintain your capacity to deliver high-quality remote education across this academic year”, and we continue to do so.

This same guidance also states that schools can use remote education for pupils "off with infectious illnesses" and "to ‘reintegrate’ some absent children back into school". Those decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and the school's approach to online learning is as such:

  • Work will not be set for students who do not attend through general illness (including Covid). 
  • King Ethelbert School uses Google Classroom as an online platform, and recommends utilising the resources from Oak Academy to complement our curriculum plans and Learning Journeys. 
  • Curriculum maps for each subject can be found on our "Curriculum" tab, under "Subject information".

Oak Academy resources for Key Stage 3 can be found here:

Oak Academy resources for Key Stage 4 can be found here:

Future lockdown(s) or enforced closures (2023/2024)

In the event of future unforeseen lockdown(s) or enforced closures, teachers will set work using their subject-specific Google Classroom. Students should follow their normal timetable in this situation. This will broadly follow the pattern that was developed during the January 2021 lockdown. Google Meet live lessons may also take place to enable a more interactive lesson and enhance learning. Where a live lesson is not possible, a PowerPoint with resources (possibly including voiceover) will be provided for students. 

Work will need returning via Google Classroom in order for staff to monitor work completed and mark where appropriate.