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New mobile phone policy and uniform letter

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20th Jul 2023
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Dear Parents/Carers

As we begin the final term of this academic year, I would like to outline two changes we will be making from September 2023.

Firstly, I would like to remind you of the communication that was sent home in January and March. From September 2023, any student choosing to wear a skirt, must wear the new school skirt (available to purchase from The Schoolwear Centre). Alternatively, students may wear black trousers, please refer to the school's uniform policy for more information. This applies to all year groups (except 6th Form).

Secondly, the school will be changing its policy on the use of mobile phones in the new academic year. The following does not apply to the 6th Form:

  • From the 4th September 2023, mobile phones should not be seen once students are on site. 
  • We understand that parents and carers might want their children to have a mobile phone with them during the day, but they must be switched off (not just put on ‘silent’), in students’ bags and not seen when on the school premises.
  • If parents or carers need to contact their child/children at any point during the school day, please contact the school’s main reception or Pupil Services directly. If students need to contact their parents or carers they can use Pupil Services.
  • If a student’s mobile phone is seen by a member of staff on the school site, it will be confiscated and the student will be able to collect it from the reflection room at the end of that school day (3.20pm). 
  • If a student’s phone is confiscated for a second time in a term, they will then have to collect it at the end of that school week. Parents/Carers can obviously collect the phone earlier than that if they wish to. 
  • Any refusal to hand a mobile phone over to members of staff will result in a sanction in-line with the school’s behaviour and rewards policy. 

The school has consulted with parents and carers through our termly parent consultation meetings and have found significant support for this change to our policy. I am sure many of you will welcome these measures and as always, I appreciate your support. We envisage this change will reduce safeguarding issues at school, improve students’ relationship with their phones and how they use them and improve their learning time significantly. We will continue to educate the students in online safety so that they can remain safe when using technology outside of school hours. The school will communicate this information with students during assemblies and tutor time before the end of the academic year, however we would welcome and appreciate your support in ensuring your child/children understand the policy and are ready for the start of the next academic year in September.


Yours faithfully

Tom Sellen