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11th May 2023


Newspaper report regarding the service learning project of Joshua Clifford, Daniel Attwell and Ryen Armstrong. Written by Jessica Wood.

Finished 24/04/2023:

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On 8th February 2023, three sixth-form students at King Ethelbert School, Birchington-on-sea, Joshua Clifford, Daniel Attwell and Ryen Armstrong, reached out to ADM Computing to request a donation of one thermal imaging camera to the science department within the school, as part of their service learning project within the IBCP. ADM Computing responded in a very positive manner, explaining that it’d be their “pleasure” to donate one. On the 7th March ADM Computing arrived at King Ethelbert School with the thermal imaging camera, and presented it to the headteacher, Mr Sellen, and the 3 students, Joshua Clifford, Daniel Attwell and Ryen Armstrong, as seen in the picture featured. The camera will be utilised within the school’s science department, helping students with their studies and giving them new experiences that otherwise would not have been possible. 

For some context, within the International Baccalaureate Careers Related Programme (IBCP) a key element of the core curriculum is Service Learning where students choose their own groups and their main objective is to identify a community need and learn what actions they could undertake in order to benefit the community in whatever way they decide. In this case, Joshua, Daniel and Ryen all decided that the community they wanted to support was the school community, particularly the Science Department equipment, and every student to thereforth use the camera. 

ADM Computing was unbelievably generous and responded with immediacy. King Ethelbert School and the students within are very grateful to the generosity of ADM Computing, and plan to utilise this equipment as much as possible.