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Disneyland Paris - February 2023

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7th Feb 2023


Disneyland Paris

Fifteen Y12/13 students and two members of staff went to Disneyland Paris for an exciting study experience.  It was a fantastic trip with all students saying they enjoyed it very much. 

Our students performed exceptionally well in the workshop tasks and were praised by Study Experiences and Disneyland who were impressed with their ideas and the way they presented themselves and answered questions about their plans.  It was a fabulous cultural experience and also a lot of fun.  Here are some comments from our students:

“I loved our trip to Disneyland. It was the most magical experience I've ever had and I loved being there and as well as having so much fun. I also learnt a lot about how the staff at Disneyland can adapt the rides for those with disabilities. I really enjoyed spending time with the other students and I feel it was a great way to bring us closer and getting us to come out of our comfort zones for once to experience different things”

“Best part of the trip was going around the park and enjoying the rides (of course) and I think the freedom we had whilst in the park to be able to go around with our friends instead of having to stay in a group”

“I had the best time in Disney Land and it was the best trip! I have no improvements for the trip next time as it was all so good”

“For me, the best part was the fireworks”

“The preparation of the trip was very good, a lot of time to get everything that we required, the ride queues were perfect due to going on a weekday - I would not change this, the Hotel B&B was excellent, and had everything that was needed. The coach driver was amazing, and could clearly tell that he had done the trip before. Fully worth the money. Would definitely recommend this trip”

“It really was magical. I would not have changed a thing”

Miss Love/Mrs Edwards


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