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mystickers 320pxAt King Ethel­bert School mer­its are awarded for many areas of suc­cess.
These include good effort, high stan­dards of work and good deeds in the school community.

The merit sys­tem we use at King Ethel­bert School is a sticker based sys­tem. Stick­ers are awarded to stu­dents and it is their respon­si­bil­ity to reg­is­ter their sticker code onto the MYSTICK­ERS web­site. Each stu­dent has his or her own unique login for the website.

On the MYSTICK­ERS web­site, stu­dents are able to track their mer­its and pur­chase rewards. A list of rewards that are cur­rently avail­able are posted on the web­site, stu­dents sim­ply order a reward and a mes­sage will be sent to them, let­ting them know when and where to col­lect their reward. Rewards for stu­dents at King Ethel­bert School are our way of say­ing well done, and prizes range from cus­tomised school pens, foot­balls and sta­tion­ary to high street vouchers.

On the web­site stu­dents can also com­pare how their tutor group stand in the table of mer­its as well as which house is doing best. They can also see where they stand in the whole school, year and tutor group tables.

Mer­its are bank­able so stu­dents can save up for a par­tic­u­lar reward or pur­chase sev­eral smaller rewards. The MYSTICK­ERS Com­pany also have their own rewards sys­tem and reg­u­larly run their own com­pe­ti­tions and give away spot prizes, for exam­ple, Ama­zon gift cards, iPads, etc.

This page shows a live graph­i­cal account of how many mer­its have been awarded to year groups, houses and tutor group.

House points
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