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GCSE Results 2016

KES Press Results 200King Ethel­bert School is cel­e­brat­ing its best ever exam­i­na­tion results this sum­mer. Kate Greig, the head­teacher said “Once again, for the fourth year in a row, we are the high­est achiev­ing non-​selective school in Thanet by some dis­tance.” 63% of all stu­dents in Year 11 achieved 5A* — C includ­ing Eng­lish and Maths with 82% achiev­ing a C or above in Eng­lish and 70% achiev­ing a C or above in Maths. As well as this head­line fig­ure which has again smashed gov­ern­ment tar­gets the school has a very high per­cent­age of stu­dents achiev­ing the top grades of A and A* in every subject.

Kate Greig said “We are absolutely delighted with these results which are thor­oughly deserved as the stu­dents and staff worked so incred­i­bly hard. What I am par­tic­u­larly pleased with is the amount of progress each stu­dent has made which in most cases is well above national aver­age – quite sim­ply if they come to King Ethel­bert School and they work hard they have a greater chance of achiev­ing suc­cess than if they went to almost any other school in the coun­try. I am enor­mously proud of our young peo­ple who not only work very hard but also are a credit to their school and the local com­mu­nity. They are a won­der­ful set of young peo­ple and we are really proud of them.”
This fab­u­lous set of GCSE exam­i­na­tion results come on the back of the superb IBCP Sixth Form results the school received in July. Vicky Willis, Deputy Head­teacher, said “We are thrilled that so many of our stu­dents have met or exceeded our high expec­ta­tions and the vast major­ity of them are com­ing back to study the IBCP in the Sixth Form.”
Tom Sellen, Deputy Head­teacher, said “Our results are fan­tas­ti­cally good and make us one of the top achiev­ing schools in the coun­try – our aca­d­e­mic record is becom­ing hard to match.”
Indi­vid­ual results show many stu­dents achiev­ing top aca­d­e­mic suc­cess including:
Jamie Wells (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 4 x A*, 5 x A, 2 B grades
Jack Midg­ley (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 2 x A*, 6 x A, 1 x B grades
Joe Fagg (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 3 x A*, 4 x A, 4 x B grades
Cal­lum Sawkins (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 6 x A, 5 x B grades
Lloyd Arnold (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 3 x A*, 2 x A, 5 x B grades
Jack Eas­ton (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 2 x A*, 3 x A, 5 x B grades
Eloise Baker (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 1 x A*, 4 x A, 3 x B grades
Chloe Wood-​French (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 5 x A, 4 x B grades
Bran­dan Press­ley (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 3 x A*, 1 x A, 5 x B grades
Maisie Har­ris (11 GCSEs) includ­ing 4 x A, 6 x B grades