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Try Angle Awards 2019

It was my plea­sure to attend the TryAn­gle Awards organ­ised by Kent County Coun­cil on Wednes­day 18th Sep­tem­ber 2019 and watch 3 King Ethel­bert Stu­dents col­lect their awards hav­ing won in the cat­e­gories they were nom­i­nated for.
Lara Watkins is now at col­lege but won an award for her work in the com­mu­nity dur­ing Years 10 and 11 at KES using British Sign Lan­guage — BSL. Lara worked at schools in 2 dif­fer­ent roles, at a local pri­mary she sup­ported a deaf pupil 1:1 using BSL, and at a sec­ondary school helped teach a class of year 7 BSL.
placeholder 150x150pxPhoebe Palmer won her award for COURAGE. Phoebe has had a dif­fi­cult year and yet puts 100% effort into her school work, wor­ry­ing about oth­ers more than her­self despite all the hos­pi­tal appoint­ments she has had. No mat­ter what has been going on for her med­ically she is always focused, polite and kind.
Lisa Marie Money won the cat­e­gory of Young Carer and Friend­ship for her pos­i­tive out­look and her car­ing nature to all. She is start­ing her first year at Uni­ver­sity of Aberys­t­wythin Wales on a scholarship.
It was a fan­tas­tic evening and I was immensely proud of our stu­dents. They looked stunning!
It was also rather emo­tional, but I only cried 4 times!!