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Yr 7 Home­work Project Grand Final

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This morn­ing it was the grand final of the year 7 home­work project — “That’s an inter­est­ing T-​Shirt you are wear­ing!” All those that attended were met with a truly excit­ing morn­ing. There was a huge amount of cre­ativ­ity, vari­ety and well-​rehearsed pre­sen­ta­tion skills.
Dur­ing terms 5 and 6 Year 7 have been work­ing hard along with their peers on the final and most chal­leng­ing home­work project so far. It is a project that truly tests their cre­atively, research, inde­pen­dent learn­ing and think­ing skills.
The two win­ners from each tutor group went head to head in front of year 7, par­ents and staff. They were com­pet­ing for the grand VIP prize, “A key to King Ethel­bert School”. The win­ner is given VIP treat­ment: the choice of lessons for the day, to attend in non-​uniform and be treated to free break­fast and lunch for the day!
It is true to say that all were ner­vous, all had worked incred­i­bly hard and had to over come the fear of pub­lic speak­ing. They were fan­tas­tic and are a credit them­selves, the year group and King Ethel­bert School. How­ever, there can only be one win­ner, and this year’s win­ner was John Scan­lon of 7JLS for his exper­i­men­tal sci­ence themed project. It was an ener­gised pre­sen­ta­tion that showed evi­dence based out­comes and a pos­si­ble future in design­ing lab coats. Well Done John! — “That’s an inter­est­ing T-​Shirt you are wearing!”